Let's start our work!

Farabin Sanat Sharif is a manufacturing and trading company which is working in some major fields of business. Auto parts, stones, heavy cast iron parts and tires are the most important fields. The mission of our company is to start and develop profitable business lines between countries and try to be famous of being a good dealing and reliable company in business which every one interested deal with.

How do we work?


<span style="color: #384f59; font-weight: normal;">Define</span>


Interchanging the documents of defenition and information about the subject or project to understand and investigate in our R&D department.

<span style="color: #384f59; font-weight: normal;">The targets and B.P.</span>

The targets and B.P.

After the definition of project, we focus on the target markets and target goals of the project which can make it more interesting. The reliable business plan will be made to survey the situation.

<span style="color: #384f59; font-weight: normal;">Advice from Partners</span>

Advice from Partners

We ask our partners and offices in other places to give their advices on the project and the market of the country that they are working in.

<span style="color: #384f59; font-weight: normal;">Contract & Start</span>

Contract & Start

The final step is to reach an agreement and making a contract on the terms and starting the method that we agreed before. The financial rules like money transfer one are being agreed in previous steps.

Strengths of Farabin
The specific advantages of Farabin during last decade.

Ease and safe in money transfer

Although one of the critical points of making a profitable and permanent business is transfering money between countries, but unfortunately lots of companies have problem in this case. Farabin group with it's partners and branches in some countries never had problem in transfering money and you can account on.

Powerful business partners

Nowadays catching goals and making success in business is depend not only on your own company and potentials, but also the partners that you have in all over the word. Farabin group has good partners in business which can help us to develop our works in many countries and make our customers satisfied.

The power of manufacturing

Farabin group is not working only on trading. We have some factories and manufactures which have a huge capacity of manufacturing kinds of spare parts, cast iron, auto parts and machineries. We can be a good and reliable partner for you in the countries which we are working.

More than 30 years of experience

Having knowledge and relationships are important in business but not enough. you have to be ready for problems and days which your business may not be in a good mood. How do you think about that? Of course the experience will be more important in problems. Farabin group has some experienced managers and consultants whom you can count on.

How to start?

If you have a good idea to start your business line even in the fields that we don’t explain as our “major business lines” or “other industries we do” we can consult you how to develop it in the countries which we are working in. if you want we can cooperate as a partner too.
If you have an idea that you don’t know how to make it profitable as a permanent line for business, we can help to make your dreams real.
If you want to invest in some profitable fields of business, we are ready to give you some suggestions.



With a decade of experience with Real Result.



The first step for having profitable business is making a good strategy plan. farabin group help you to afford this.

Planing & Consultation

Planing & Consultation

Making a good plan to deal with suppliers and customers is an important key to succeed. Farabin can consult you in variaty of fields.



Lots of markets are available for your products and also you can find a good appropriate markets for supply your raw materials. we can help you find them.



However you may have a good business line which is profitable now but it's important to know how to develope it and how to make it more profitable.